Leather furniture

Various types of leather

  • Aniline leather
  • Nubuckleather
  • Semi-Anilineleather

Aniline leather

The finest and most natural form of furniture leather is Aniline Leather, this is also called full-grain leather. For skins that are processed into Aniline Leather is a strict selection, up to 10% of the skins come from this inspection. During the production process a very special technique is used to add a certain amount of oil to the skin making it the leather looks real beautiful an gives it a natural look.


The Nubuck leather is the finest of Aniline Leather. To create a velvety top layer, the leather is very light scrubbed. The quality of the leather feels soft and warm. To make the leather repellent, the hides are usually impregnated with a dirt repell.


When the leather gets a durable coating for increased use without losing the flexibility doctrine refers to semi-aniline leather. This leather occurs to give anilinestained leather an after-treatment with a transparent pigment, and provide it with a coating.

What we do not sell

So-called 'ByCast' / PU leather is not in the assortment.
When processing the hides are split. A normal skin is 4-6 mm thick. The hides are split into 2-3 parts. The upper skin is used for our quality furniture. The split leather and the so-called 'ByCast' leathr is made from the bottom layer of the skin. To make the coarse fiber structure suitable for leather furniture, the leather is given on the outside a very thin protective layer of plastic. We choose not to sell this!

Tips for the threat the leather for great durability:

  • Threat the furniture with scouring based on natural waxes.
  • Do not position the the furniture too close to a heating radiator or heater, which can cause local drying of the leather.
  • Keep the humidity in the room regular, this is the most optimal for the chairs and sofas made of leather.
  • Prevent the furniture exposed from direct and bright sunlight, this can affect the color of the leather.